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remax s2 black

تم النشر يوم الأحد 25 مارس - 18:19
  • icon السعر السعر : 399 EGP
  • icon البلد البلد : مصر
  • icon المدينة المدينة : الإسكندرية

وصف :



High quality unit.
The sound of metal cavity.
Dual Earphone, Automatic Magnetic Adsorption Design.
Supports IOS,Android and almost bluetooth devices with microphone and remote photograph functions.


Design:Dual Earphone, Magnetic Adsorption Design
Bluetooth Version:V4.1
Transmission Power:Class 2
Transmission Distance:10M
Frequency Response:20-20000Hz
Charging Time:approx.2hours
Music Time:4-6 hours
Talk Time:5-8 hours
Standby Time:160 hours
Output Sensitivity:92 /-3dB
Microphone Sensitivity:-41 /-1dB
Impedance:16O /-10%Ω
Rated input power:10mW
Cable length:75mm

Package Included:

1x Bluetooth Earphone
1x USB Charging Cable
3x Pair Ear-caps (L/M/S Size)
1x Engligh User Manual

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